My Secrets to Success with Automatic Builder
A Step by Step Cliff Notes Guide

No fluff. This is just the straight forward steps to get yourself profitable with Automatic Builder.

Get Information

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You can use Automatic Builder as a free member but the real power is when you go ALL IN.

This won't cost you a fortune but it only works if you INVEST in your business.

The Core  Features

Use these features and accept the help.  You CANNOT do it alone

1. The Direct Pay Module allows you to GET PAID.  It costs 27 dollars one-time setup fee.  This opens the door to all the other features of Automatic Builder.

2. The Ad Revenue Module opens the doors to GET PAID when your referrals purchase leads or traffic. It costs 27 dollars setup fee.  It costs nothing to sign up for these affiliate programs, and they can generate LOTS of revenue (paid at the commission levels for each program).  You just sign up for each program then put your affiliate ID into the Ad Revenue Module. Referrals become referrals in those programs to you, and you collect commissions for any sales that are made in them.

If you purchase both the Direct Pay Module and Ad Revenue Module together, the total cost is a one-time 47 dollars

NOTE:  When you start promoting Automatic Builder, encourage your down lines to do the same. 27 dollar charges individually or combined 47 dollars for both are eligible for 100% commissions. Every time a referral signs up for the Direct Pay Module or Ad Revenue Module individually or both modules together, you get paid 27 dollars or 47 dollars respectively.  It only took me several days get the break-even point. First paid referral bought the combined package so I got a commission of 47 dollars.  My next sales were PURE PROFIT

Here is the POWER of Automatic Builder

So far we've been dealing with the ideal situation where everybody who signs up with your affiliate ID will do an upgrade, but that's not reality.  People rarely buy on the first exposure to a program or idea, in fact it takes 7 to 11 exposures to move someone from

Lead (curiosity) to Prospect (interest) to Potential Customer

What you need is to capture the lead so people sign up for your list.  Once on your list, you can use the built-in Done-For-You Autoresponder to distribute a stream of messages that gives them more information and tells them about Automatic Builder and the things that could be an advantage to them in their own business.  All the messages and promotional links are Done-For-You.

 If you were to do this on your own, it would cost you much more and take many hours put just the basic information together, plus you have ongoing maintenance that you would need to do with your own autoresponder. Everything is done for you with the Automatic Builder Autoresponder.

The Automatic Builder Autoresponder is a subscription service for 7.95 USD per month.

Communicate with Your List

Any good marker will tell you that the money is in the list. But the way you get money out of your list is to communicate with your subscribers. I personally send broadcast to my list three to five times a week. I like to give them information on great traffic deals that I find, programs that might interest them, I share experiences and reviews, I take the role of a sponsor who is willing to help them in their own business.

Communication with your subscribers is how you get your subscribers to KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST you. People BUY from people they TRUST.

Be sure to PERSONALLY ENCOURAGE your SINGLE-OPT-IN contacts to become DOUBLE-OPT-IN so they start to receive the Autoresponde message steams! THIS is where your SALES come from!

So now you have all these leads in your list with an Automatic Builder. But in the Contacts section, you can only send to individuals, You inherently don't have any broadcast capability.  I also recommend getting the subscription for the Broadcast Module for 5.95 USD per month for 3,000 email broadcasts.

I use  Automatic Builder to promote my other programs

I'm involved in many other affiliate programs, several which have been very profitable for me, but I'm always looking for some other way to promote them and get sign ups for those programs. Automatic Builder allows me to share my top programs with my downlines. I get sign ups for my top programs from my Automatic Builder down lines because they can see that I value that program, and many end up signing up for them themselves.

Bottom Line to Make This Work

I'm asking you to commit. I want you to sign up for the Direct Pay Module.  Cost:  27 USD one-time.

Optional:  Sign up, and get onboard with the Ad Revenue Module affiliate programs and update your affiliate IDs in the Ad Revenue Module.  Cost:  27 USD one-time or get both modules for 47 USD.

Add your OWN affiliate programs to your Profile.
  Need suggestions?  ASK

Subscribe to the Autoresponder NOW for 7.95 USD per month

After you start to build YOUR LIST to 50-100 contacts, then sign up for the Broadcast Module subscription for 5.95 USD per month.

Your total monthly outlay is less than you would have spent for most commercial Autoresponders.

All That Is Left is PROMOTION

Last weekend I purchased ONE SOLO AD on Udimi and got 53 new signups to my list, and one PAID UPGRADE  to Automatic Builder, PLUS I made a sale on one of my affiliate programs I shared, Secrets of the Big Dogs.  Check out Udimi (I recommend starting small like 100 clicks)

I strongly recommend joining Herculist Plus and getting the Gold Lifetime Upgrade for 49 dollars one-time.  I email 241,000 members EVERY DAY.

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SuperSolos are my secret that enable me to send 250,000 to 1 million emails per day.  Good Better Best Supersolo Deals

And finally, my top safelists that produce TRAFFIC RESULTS and COMMISSIONS

Thanks for your attention, and I am here to HELP.

Rich Moyer