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Secrets of the Big Dogs

Are you just binge-watching another 12 hours of NetFlix?
or just staring at your screen - just WAITIN' to get that next THANG on Amazon that you probably don't NEED and holds no possibility of getting you started in a TAX DEDUCTIBLE BUSINESS that actually MAKES MONEY?

Get ready to "kick the tires and light the fires."

Buy your TAX DEDUCTIBLE copy of "Secrets of the Big Dogs."  It's only $7 but contains the PLAN to get you on the road to EARNING REAL MONEY.  This is SLOW AND STEADY but IT WORKS if you become an Alpha Dog and FOLLOW Stan's Plan.  

Your CHIPS traffic resources drive the VISITORS to your offer but are also YOUR SOURCE of RECURRING COMMISSION REVENUE from your referrals.

It takes 30 minutes per day.

(You're not gonna disappoint me, ARE you?)

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Rich Moyer



More REAL Solos than you could Use in a Year

See my new video that lays out a blueprint for you to get more ACTIVE Traffic (Solos, Credit Mail, SuperSolos) than you would be able to use in a full year. at an AMAZING price that won't break the bank.
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MyVIPContacts Pro

Announcing MyVIPContacts. A New Unlimited Autoresponder By Dave Mosher.

You know Dave - he owns over 250 Safelists Like Avalanche Safelist, Master Safelist Blaster and SimpleTextAdz and also owns 13+ Supernetworks His BRAND NEW Autoresponder has launched called MyVIPContacts./

You can join free to promote this site, but you only get access to ALL the UNLIMITED autoresponder functionality with the Pro Upgrade for only $10.97 per month.

Network Marketing is a BUSINESS that you MUST TAKE SERIOUSLY and an Autoresponder is an Essential Tool!! You wouldn't want a plumber who does not own a wrench or a carpenter without a hammer or a swimming instructor without a pool, would you?

Why You Need an Autoresponder

The most important thing you can do in Network Marketing is BUILD YOUR LIST!

* You do that by promoting on safelists or other advertising media, then

* capturing the name and email of the lead with a Lead Capture Page (also called Squeeze Page, or Landing Page).

* That lead's contact information is stored in the autoresponder, associated with the Campaign assigned to the Lead Capture Page.

* Once they have "opted-in", they begin to receive the messages in the message stream for that Campaign.


* Unlimited leads storage - No limit on the number of subscribers. Your rate does not increase as you add subscribers

* Unlimited campaigns - Think of a "campaign" as a "topic" that has a number of related messages about that topic (we'll call these messages a message stream). You can have an unlimited number of Campaigns (topics), with an unlimited number of messages in each stream (But I recommend keeping it to no more than 30)

* Unlimited email delivery - You can send messages to all subscribers in a campaign, for an unlimited number of campaigns. No daily limit like some systems.


* MyVIPContacts also has an easy-to-use capture page builder. These are CUSTOM PAGES that YOU can create in 60 seconds!!!

* 12 Top Safelist Gold Upgrades - GREAT traffic sites PLUS a total of 144 Custom Landing Pages in the Splashpage Builder

Join MyVIPContacts.

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An autoresponder is a cost of doing business in Network Marketing, an ESSENTIAL component that EVERY MARKETER MUST HAVE.

Rich Moyer

PS Dave just Added Motion Leads - free for all Pro members - Create INCREDIBLE Capture Pages in MINUTES with over 1900 images in the Image Library

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Profit From Free Ads - Get 70,000 Free Join Credits

Fast Listing Building. How do You build a list online fast? Give away Something of Value. Sign up under my link today and I will give you 70,000 Free Advertising Credits (Value $350) That is how I built a substantial list at PFFA that I can email every two days. Join for Free. Log in to your members area and choose an Ad Pack level that is right for you. You can make a full time living online promoting PFFA and using its amazingly responsive Solo Ad Mailer.
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