5 ACTUAL Ways to Make Money with LeadsLeap
#1 Free My Top 10 Templates
Martin Chantler has done AMAZING work in creating SO many templates and systems to help marketers. You can find so many resources at ReduceTheHype.com

His latest creations caught my eye:  My Top 10 templates that work with the LeadsLeap Page Builder.

LeadsLeap is a FREE toolkit that has everything you need as a Network Marketer: capture pages, Autoresponder, trackers, rotators, and so much more with the affordable Pro Upgrade (I'll tell you how to earn the Pro Upgrade discount below).

One thing I LOVE about LeadsLeap is the ability to import capture pages and Autoresponder message streams using SHARE CODES.  You can follow some SIMPLE INSTRUCTIONS to CREATE COMPLETE Done-For-You SYSTEMS in an HOUR.

If you are not a LeadsLeap member then you can join for free by clicking this link. Then click the page builder and use these two share codes to import the pages into your account.

Top 10 125x125 - Share Code: BnNVhYVU

Top 10 468x60 - Share Code: BGZbfMwU - My favorite.  see examples:
I've recently "rediscovered" LeadsLeap.  Being a tool junkie, I've always loved USING the tools, but because I had such an embedded base with other autoresponders, I hadn't considered using LeadsLeap as a serious lead capture and SYSTEMS platform until NOW.

What I HAVE discovered is more Done-For-You SYSTEMS available that I could get up and running in a day, promote them, and GET SIGNUPS and EARN COMMISSIONS with!

I am a huge believer in MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME and NEVER put all my eggs in one opportunity basket. Here are some of the LeadsLeap-based systems I USE (great traffic sources) and am earning one-time and RESIDUAL commissions with NOW.
So, by signing up for LeadsLeap, and upgrading to Pro, you INSTANTLY get a platform on which you can quickly build and promote these systems and MyTop10 pages.  We're talking a full blown Multi-Stream Income Network Marketing BUSINESS. 
Now, The Other ACTUAL Ways to Make Money with LeadsLeap
  • #2 The Click Engine - great traffic, great residual income stream, and SO much other valuable training, insights, and tools by Jeff Aman.  Gets LeadsLeap signups that could convert to Pro or purchase ads.

  • #3 LeadsLeap Funnel System - great FREE list and income builder by Martin Chantler. Gets LeadsLeap signups that could convert to Pro or purchase ads.

  • #4 LeadsLeap Pro - Promote LeadsLeap as a Pro member and earn 50% commission.  Even free downlines can generate income for you when they purchase ads.

  • #5 List Building Resources (LBR) - Sign up for LBR and upgrade to get the free email series that you can use as a campaign in LeadsLeap.  Put your HTML Form Code in your LBR Profile so any signups to LBR are on your list in LeadsLeap.  Now, promote List Building Resources. Include LeadsLeap affiliate link after signature line so you can get both LBR signups and LeasLeap affiliate signups.

Do This First

Join LeadsLeap as a free member.

To pay only $19.90 for your Pro membership
 rather than $27.00, all you need to do is login for several days in a row and click your 10 ads. Once you do that Leads Leap will offer you a PRO membership discount.

One PLATFORM.  Four BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES, Two MyTop10 Promotion tools.  Quick and easy setup. 

You have seen my trusted traffic sources (above MyTop10)  and here is an amazing source of promo codes for free ads on 300+ safelists, Advertising Blowout.

What are you waiting for?

Rich Moyer

Want Free PLR Resources for Lead Magnets,
or Done-For-You Autoresponder Message Stream Content and MORE?

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