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Only upgraded members go in the Customer Loyalty Bonus matrix for as long as the company exists, which is forever.
After people have been upgraded for 6 months, in their 7th month they will start seeing income from the loyalty bonus matrix. September will start the first group of payouts.
Anybody who joins NXR Nexus Rewards as a paid member this Month would get paid from loyalty bonus matrix in December and anybody that joins NXR Nexus Rewards as a paid member in June would get paid from loyalty bonus matrix in December
Even if you never sponsor anyone, but because you got in early and paid the $21.95 per month, you may be in for a huge payout as the company grows.

Founders End Date
August 31st is the last day to upgrade to attain Founder status.
Anyone joining this month, will be eligible to earn
a potential $8800 a month.
Learn About the Comp Plan Details in this Audio Playback

You not only get
  • cashback rewards
  • the ability to earn cashback when OTHERS get cash back
  • discounts that can save you hundreds or more
  • a community with Network Marketing experts to support you and coach you
  • the opportunity to start a REAL BUSINESS for pocket change that is FREE after 3 paid referrals
  • tax deductible startup, monthly, and advertising expenses
  • the opportunity to build a huge list of subscribers with automatic followup
Even International Upgraded Members can get cash back from Rakuten, but use the free cashback apps as LEAD MAGNETS for USA prospects!  The big money is in getting UPGRADED MEMBERS and Matrix Payouts!
So why isn't this a no-brainer?
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  • Nexus Rewards is the Ultimate Cash Back, Savings and Membership Club designed to help people make money on all of the things they are already purchasing.
  • Our simple but highly lucrative Referral Rewards Program enables people to build a long-term sustainable income.
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