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I Got $4.42 Cash Back for Gas


Notice that I got 15 cents per gallon referral bonus, and 7 cents per gallon bonus.  This was earned simply by INVITING OTHERS to use the Upside app.  You get 15 cents per gallon on your next gas purchase, and 1 cent per gallon FOR LIFE when THEY get cash back for gas purchases.  Talk about autopilot cash flow with this new business model:


You Make Money By Helping Others SAVE MONEY.


I will Make it Easy to Share YOUR Upside App
so YOU can Earn 15 cents per gallon one-time per Referral
and 1 cent per gallon THEY purchase for LIFE.

I will create a QR Code for you that you save
to your smartphone home screen ABSOLUTELY FREE.

Just get people to Scan the QR Code with their phone
to download YOUR coded Upside App


So, here's how to get started. DO THIS!

  • Sign up for NXR Nexus Rewards as a free member
  • Download and install the Free CODED Apps from inside NXR Nexus Rewards.
    • Upside for gas, dining, and grocery cashback
    • Fetch to scan receipts and link to your Amazon account email where you receive e-Receipts for Amazon purchases
    • Rakuten for online and in-store purchases at over 3500 retailers.

 * When you sign up under me as a Free Member of NXR Nexus Rewards
and download the Upside app,
send me an email with your Upside SHARE CODE requesting your QR Code.



Get $30 Cash Back for stuff you already buy. 
Spend $30 or more with a purchase at any of the 3500 retailers through the Rakuten free app and get $30 Cash Back.

Share your Rakuten app and get $30 rewards over and over.  


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