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Rich Moyer

How Can I Help YOU?

You see my ads, but probably do not understand that, after 20+ years as a professional consultant, even though I am retired, I am still working to help YOU succeed.  The difference is, my consulting is now free for SERIOUS prospects.

I look for programs, and try them myself, so that I can pass on PROGRAMS THAT WORK FOR ME

I USE what I Sell or Recommend.

Why Automatic Builder?

  • Low cost of entry - $27 USD one-time cost for Direct Pay Module
    • Receive 100% Commissions for Automatic Builder Direct Pay and Combo sales

  • Optional Ad Revenue module with lots of affiliate potential
    • Sign up for the leads programs as a free affiliate
    • Receive commissions per each program for referral lead purchases
    • Combo price for Direct Pay and Ad Revenue Modules is $47 USD one-time cost
  • Contact Manager is included that allows segmentation, search, and individual emails to subscribers without purchasing the Autoresponder subscription or Broadcast Module subscription.
  • Low monthly fee for Autoresponder and Done-For-You message streams for each subscriber level - $7.95 USD per month
    • Includes Done-For-You landing pages and capture pages with videos - ready to promote
    • Includes Profile and About Me page
    • Low Cost Broadcast Module that allows 3000 emails per month for $5.95 USD per month
  • Allows me to expose my subscribers to up to 3 of my own favorite affiliate programs
    (HINT: Additional Revenue Streams)

  • I experienced a quick payback for my outlay of $47 in just a couple weeks of promoting it.
  • I promote ONE URL for a capture page that enables FOUR POTENTIAL REVENUE STREAMS.

Automatic Builder gives me a GREAT way to "group" these initiatives.  Even if they don't sign up for Automatic Builder:


  • I get signups for Secrets of the Big Dogs
    • eBook sales lead to Alpha Dog upgrades
    • that give me signups and upgrades in the CHIPS sites,
    • which is where I get the TRAFFIC to promote it
    • and where the REAL revenue comes from with BigDogs.
    • These subscribers sign up for my BigDogs newsletters
  • The Click Engine generates Passive Traffic to promote BigDogs
    • and revenue from The Click Engine commissions. 
    • These subscribers sign up for my The Click Engine newsletters
  • WorldProfit associate memberships provide other RESOURCES to support list building and promotion of WorldProfitThe Click Engine, and BigDogs.  
    • These subscribers sign up for my WorldProfit and Traffic Deals newsletters
    • They get access to over 560 products in the massive PLR Vault that they can use as lead magnets
    • They can post free Classified Ads or Ad Stream messages
    • Some associates purchase traffic packagesClickbank products, or upgraded safelist memberships
    • Some associates upgrade to Silver or PlatinumVIP which provide me with residual income.


I get it.  There is a lot to digest here but the good news:

You can start slow, then BUILD on it so the upfront cost impact is minimal:

View the capture page and register for free
(click the banner below)

You don't need to eat the whole elephant at once...

You can just register for free, and look for the messages in your inbox that will explain everything it little bites. 

When you are ready...

  • Sign up for Direct Pay Module  ($27 USD one-time)
  • Set up your 3 affiliate programs
  • Promote Automatic Builder
  • When you start getting subscribers, add the Autoresponder ($7.95 USD / month)
  • When you get 50-100 subscribers, add the Broadcast module ($5.95 USD / month)
  • Eventually, add the Ad Revenue Module. ($27 USD one-time)

Remember... Procrastination and Indecision are the Enemies of Progress

Why Connect with ME?

I am a CONSULTANT FIRST and Salesman last.  A consultant works on behalf of the client.  A Salesman works for his wallet.

If I help OTHERS to succeed, the money eventually will come.  I am only interested in breaking even. Any profits are reinvested into traffic, and finding other programs for my clients. 

I also provide no-email traffic sourcespromo codes for free ads, and as admin for over 200 safelists I pass on the Best Traffic Deals and Good Better Best SuperSolo deals.

I hope you will get to Know, Like, and Trust me enough to HELP YOU!.

Rich Moyer