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Richard Moyer
Published by: Richard Moyer on 20-Feb-21
Rich Moyer Marketing and Spaho Consulting Newsletter

Thank you for being a loyal subscriber to my newsletter. I just want to give you an update on where things are and some tips and opportunities for bargains that you can use in your own business,  and then I wanted to give you an update on where I am with the the ongoing fiasco with Matthew Graves.

  • Texas Power Outage Effects
  • Dave Mosher Site Admin Issues
  • Big Dogs
  • WorldProfit
  • SuperSolo Deals
  • Lifetime Hosting
  • The latest on my ongoing battle with Matthew Graves


Texas Power Outage

The effects of the text power outage to me personally was minimal. Nothing compared to what those people in Texas were going through. Fortunately, my friend Dave found a hotel so he had heat and was able to take a shower, but they still had potable water issues, but at least he had shelter.

Even though I am 1500 miles away, the outage did affect my marketing and promotions because most of my graphics, landing pages, blogs, and webpages were located on servers by GVO.  The whole GVO Datacenter was down until this morning.

I spent a lot of time restoring from backup and redirecting all of the graphics to another of my sites that was accessible. A lot of my promotions had to be completely reworked because they were dependent on website components that were housed on the GVO servers. I have moved most of those operations over to my servers hosted by HostGator and I'm rethinking my distribution strategy.

The good news is majority of my major projects were up and running in a very short time and I was still able to do many promotions.

LESSONS LEARNED:  Business Continuity

  • Take regular backups of your data - I DID - data was only a month old.
  • Have site contingencies - I DID have alternative sites for GVO at Hostgator, WorldProfit
  • Minimize single site dependencies - I was able to restore to another server
  • Diversify asset distribution - Needs work


Dave Mosher Site Admin Issues

I had remote access as Admin for over 200 safelists owned by Dave Mosher so I was able to monitor and approve the SuperSolos and ads on all of the operational safelist sites by Dave Mosher throughout the outage with minimal effect.

LESSONS LEARNED:  Business Continuity

  • Dave's sites were located on servers OUTSIDE of Texas - Lucky
  • He may want to diversify asset distribution - All eggs in one basket
  • He had alternative admin 


BigDogs Still Going STRONG

I spend 30 minutes a day promoting Secrets of the Big Dogs. That includes creation or update of my ad copy, banners,  graphics, and promoting on the CHIPS sites. In addition,  I use other advertising sites to promote like SuperSolos and  solo ads on regular safelist sites.

I am getting much higher-than-average conversions, both in ebook sales, and back-end conversions to Alpha Dogs, and signups/upgrades in the CHIPS programs (hint: THIS is where you make COMMISSIONS)


  • I am sticking with THE PLAN outlined in Secrets of the Big Dogs ebook.  It WORKS
  • CHIPS site owners PAY COMMISSIONS like clockwork



Still my recommendation for newbies.  best Network Marketing  training, Done-For-You promotion materials, tools, and support for 25+ years.

Still going strong as my best source of residual income. Upgrades and sales to My ASSOCIATES,  Upgrades and sales to My DEALERS, and Level 2 Sales to THEIR referrals.

There is a fantastic new traffic package called Titanium that saves you 40% over purchasing each of the traffic packages individually

If you haven't signed up as a Free Associate yet, please do. There are so many things available to you as a Free Associate that you could use in your promotions and use for yourself and improvement.  For instance, your Goodie Bag includes a PLR Product Vault with over 430 products you can USE, SELL, or GIVE AWAY.   


  • The more Associates you have, the more engaged you are, and the most opportunity you have. 
  • Give away Free Stuff to get Associate signups
  • Let the Live Business Center CLOSE SALES FOR YOU. Just keep getting MORE ASSOCIATES
  • You do not need an order responder.  Each of your Associates gets newsletter on your behalf every day. You can broadcast to your Newsletter Subscribers, Associates, and Dealers every day.
  • Incredible tools - ever increasing and improved
  • Best training, live workshops, and support on the planet
  • PAYS like clockwork on 15th of month


SuperSolo Deals

I use SuperSolos to Promote my Top Money-Maker Affiliate Programs like WorldProfit and Secrets of the Big Dogs. SuperSolos are the secret that enables me to Send 250,000 to 1 Million Emails Per Day!

As admin for over 200 safelists and 15 SuperNetworks, I see the BARGAINS FIRST, and pass them on to my subscribers.  See the latest SuperSolo deals.


Lifetime Hosting

I see many ads out there for Lifetime hosting for under $15. In my estimation this is not a good deal. There are many compromises with the features and functionality. They are simply not up to par when I compare it to just the most basic hosting I get from any normal cpanel account.

I do not trust this hosting account for anything other than online storage, not blogs, databases, or applications.


  • You get what you pay for
  • Not CPANEL - home grown interface and utilities


The latest on my ongoing battle with Matthew Graves

First let me just say that I've made a lot of money for Matthew Graves and I've earned a lot of commissions from Matthew Graves in the last three years, but it is absolutely no good if he doesn't pay you. And that's the issue I have right now is getting paid as it is with many many other people.  See my latest rant video

He is more than willing to take the revenue we generate for him and keep it all without paying out the commissions that are due to the people who are earning that money for him.

On the flip side of that I do want to say that I have made thousands of sign-ups with Matthew's programs YourSuccessAdvantage all of the Your Viral Network mailers.  These are great advertising sites and YourSuccessAdvantage works to the extent that I've gotten thousands of sign-ups in the the mailers and YourSuccessAdvantage but I also captured them all in my Getresponse and Aweber Autoresponder?s so I have a continual ongoing communication with those subscribers that has nothing to do with Matthew Graves programs.

Then there is Non-Delivery of functionality WE PAID FOR.  YourViralBanners, WhatWorks4Me4m, and WebsBestTrafficClub.  Functionality promised to free and premium members alike simply was never delivered.

I have invested literally THOUSANDS of dollars with Matthew Graves.  But even as a Site Partner, that site (100 Percent Mailer) has been down for 6 months so I cannot get any of the promised revenue sharing or referrals.


  • Do NOT expect to be paid commissions you have earned
  • Great system for building a list (in your own Autoresponder like Getresponse or Aweber
  • Good Mailers
  • Frequent launches provide huge opportunities to get more signups
  • All Matthew Graves sites are blocked on my nine safelists, and on all 300+ sites owned by Dave Mosher.

Sorry for the long letter, but I want to keep you up to date.

As always, I am available via email, or leave voicemail.  I do not do social media.

Rich Moyer
1-484-902-8819 m-f 8am-5pm EST
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