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Free Classified Ad Site attached to your WorldProfit Website. Check out my site. Great for selling STUFF - a different audience than safelist members PLUS anyone who signs up to post free classified ads is added as a FREE ASSOCIATE

WorldProfit Login Ads - shown as members login to any of our top 18 safelists.  Great ad space that I have been using as a site admin for years.  You do not need to own this to promote it and earn commissions

NEW!  This all new Clickbank Store can be added to your WorldProfit website.  Only a small installation charge!

Platinum VIP members get upgraded memberships and Monthly Traffic Injections to all 18 top safelists

Advanced Tracker free for Platinum VIP members.

Free Fotor Graphics Editor for creating stunning banners and graphics.

The Vault with 300+ Products and 65 Lead Magnets now available to Free Associates to Use, Give Away, or Sell.  Check your Goody Bag in the Member Area on  the left menu

WorldProfit Upgrade.  A pattern has emerged on the weekends, that the WorldProfit Silver Member upgrade includes 3 Premium Traffic Packages valued at over $100:  Diamond URL Rotator for 1 year, 5 Ruby Solos, Traffic Blaster for 1 year. 

  • WorldProfit upgraded members get EXCLUSIVE promo codes for my safelists.  See the Promo Code section of your WorldProfit member area.

  • WorldProfit Associates have access to the Goody Bag that includes 65 Lead Funnels and 221 Products to download anytime from The Vault.  And AT No Cost!  Associates earn 5% commission for all sales of WorldProfit products or services.

So Much Happening This Week

Thank you for being a Newsletter subscriber, Downline Member, or Visitor

If you turned on your computer, phone, or tablet today, you are most likely inundated with emails.  You will simply delete 99% of them.  I admittedly do the same, but in my case, since I admin 200+ safelists, I've READ 50-60% of the Email MESSAGES, and VIEWED as many webpages for CONTENT before YOU see them, because I am approving those messages.  I get to see the good, the bad, and the ugly.

I want to pass on what is working for ME, and as many have found, if they follow my lead, use the suggested resources, and put in the effort, they too start to see improvements in their businesses.

This Week Special Events:

QuickStartMailer -  Get Supercharged Solo to 35,000 + 2k Credits. We have gotten over 1000 new members in 2 weeks (I LOVE LAUNCHES).  Still Going Strong. but lots MORE reasons to join. 

  • Join and upgrade to PREMIUM so you are positioned to tap the massive number referrals generated with each relaunch, receive RANDOM REFERRALS, receive PASS-UPS from your referrals trying to EARN THEIR PREMIUM, and earn 50% commissions.   

  • If you DON'T upgrade, your FIRST 5 REFERRALS ARE PASSED UP to ME!!!  I'd be glad to take those pass-up referrals so you can EARN YOUR PREMIUM UPGRADE, but I would rather see YOU get the benefit of the CONSTANT FLOW OF MULTI-STREAM REFERRALS and COMMISSIONS!!!

Your Success Advantage - Autopilot Referrals and Commissions.  

  • Join QuickStartMailer and join the other 22 mailers in the Your Viral Network from within QuickStartMailer.  LINK them (I show you how - takes seconds) and receive 22,000 email credits.  You will automatically be put in the autoresponder message stream.  By promoting QuickStartMailer, your REFERRALS will receive those autoresponder messages coded with YOUR links to QuickStartMailer and those 22 sites.  

Your Viral List

  • Get a free marketing report of the day. Download as many reports as you wish.  There are over 30 Reports - All Free
  • All These Reports are Available on each of my Safelists in Member Extras.  Simply Join any of my Safelists below.  Don't forget to Redeem Promo Code newmember for Free Ads
  • Would YOU like to use this SAME SYSTEM that has gotten HUNDREDS of subscribers for me ABSOLUTELY Free? 
    - Get one new Lead Magnet (report) Every Month or...
    - for a Modest, Affordable Premium Upgrade Get TWO new Lead Magnets Every Month.  
    Just Give away these  VALUABLE REPORTS to Build Your List!!!  Join Your Viral List HERE

Instant Cash Promo Codes is still going strong.  

  • The one-time Gold or higher upgrade gives you 80 exclusive promo codes - by joining these 80 sites, and redeeming the promo codes, you will receive 800 Solos, tons of credits for credit mails (ACTIVE traffic), and ad-packs for a ONE-TIME $25. 

  • I recommend using only ACTIVE traffic for best results - don't bother with textlinks and banners YET.

  • With the Gold upgrade, you earn 50% of Sales

New Mailer Sites - Fresh Eyes on your ads.

A new Peer2Peer Instant Commission site AE Mailer has re-launched.  This is the same platform, but with new admins, Albie Derbyshire. and Elizabeta Kuzevska.  Killer Elite OTO for only $97 (you skip Gold and Platinum progressive upgrades and save $344).  This direct-to-Elite is only being offered for a limited time.

  • There are currently many sites that have launched on this new MONEY MAKING platform.  130 sites will be converted to P2P sites within the next 6 months.  EVEN FREE MEMBERS earn 50% of Sales.  These are GREAT MAILERS, CASH MACHINES and by adding your autoresponder HTML FORM CODE to your profile, LIST BUILDING MACHINES. 

Don't have an autoresponder? 

MyVIPContacts is the best autoresponder deal on the planet.    MyVIPContacts Pro is a full feature UNLIMITED autoresponder. At $10.97/month - it is cheaper than Aweber and GetResponse (NOT unlimited),   TrafficWave and All-in-One-Profits (Unlimited).  

  • MyVIPContacts is LOADED with extras AT NO COST, including Lifetime Gold upgrades on 12 top safelists.  A Massive MRR/PLR library includes many list building tools, even complete autoresponder message streams.

  • MotionLeads is an incredible landing page builder that is INCLUDED FREE OF CHARGE with MyVIPContacts Pro.  A software upgrade is also coming for MotionLeads.  It is being re-written with database connections and will be fully integrated with MyVIPContacts.  

  • AnimatioX - both MyVIPContactsPro and ListGeniePro can create UNLIMITED ststc JPG or Animated GIF Banners with AnimatioX 

  • ListGeniePro is for people who need the ability to import leads from reputable lead vendors like MyLeadGenSecret or LeadFlow247.

SuperSolo Bogo has been extended to the P2P Instant Commission sites giving you a great variety of SuperSolos to choose from. You must be a member of MY SITES, or in my downline of the P2P Instant Commission sites to get free contact solos on my sites.

Great traffic deal: $10 SuperSolo Package on all P2P Instant Commission sites PLUS you can RESELL this package over and over to your referrals.


This is HUGE:  Link Shorteners

Why you should NOT Use Free Link Shorteners-Trackers: Google is blocking sites.  If you are NOT protecting your affiliate links, YOU SHOULD. The statistics returned as a result of cloaking your links help you make decisions. Two great solutions:  MyVIPContacts includes free unlimited cloaking and rotators, and MyLinkSentry is an inexpensive standalone product.


New Feature on P2P Instant Commission sites

Brand New P2P Instant Commission site Big Time Adz is the first to have Dave Mosher's newest Splashpage Maker where you can create Lead Capture Pages for your affiliate programs.  All members can insert HTML Form Code into your Profile that forces prospects to sign up for your list before joining Big Time Adz.  Free members get 1 free splashpage, Gold gets 5, Platinum gets 10, and Elite/VIP gets 15 splashpages, plus all levels get a free splashpage rotator.


Thanks for being loyal subscribers.  I AM HERE TO HELP YOU!!!



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