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Creating Autoresponder Content

OK. You got someone’s attention. They signed up for your list. You send them a welcome letter. NOW WHAT?


Marketing emails are like a Tootsie Pop – they have to eat through the candy to get the good stuff.


Listed below are TONS of free resources available for you to build compelling newsletters on so many different topics, eCourses, and Hints and Tips.

And I will tell you about the many Done-For-You campaigns that will keep your subscribers INTERESTED and INFORMED and provide YOU with the opportunity to monetize your campaigns without beating up your subscribers with promo after promo.

The goal is to get your subscribers to KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST YOU.  THIS is how you make money in Network Marketing.  People only BUY from marketers they TRUST.

Tell them what you know. Keep it short (I’m not good at that). Give them a little at a time. This is where the autoresponder comes into play. Spoon feed them one THOUGHT at a time.

People don’t actually read sales pages or long emails, they rarely sit through a whole video, so I’ve been known to simply copy/paste one section of a webpage or sales page at a time into an autoresponder follow-up sequence, or WATCH the video and take notes that I transcribe into follow-up messages.

Not everything needs to be about THE PROJECT. Idea: share a video from the video library. “Hey – I wanted to share a recording by my friend Rich”…

Writing Emails

Have you tried Email Marketing Masters? It’s free. Amazing tool to create emails.

Creating autoresponder message content

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MyVIPContacts Pro or ListGeniePro List Building Tools

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Got the idea? There are TONS of free resources available for you.

CONTACT ME for help!  My consulting is FREE for serious marketers.

Rich Moyer